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What is fatigue?

Fatigue is a common and complex symptom that can have many different causes. At its core, fatigue refers to an overall lack of energy, tiredness, and feelings of exhaustion that are not relieved by rest or sleep. While occasional fatigue is normal, chronic or excessive fatigue that persists for weeks or months may indicate an underlying health issue.

There are two main types of fatigue:

What causes fatigue?

There are many potential causes of both physical and mental fatigue, including:

How is fatigue diagnosed and treated?

If you experience chronic, persistent fatigue that interferes with your daily life, see your doctor. They will perform exams and tests to help determine any underlying cause, such as bloodwork to check for anemia or thyroid disorders.

Treatment depends on the cause but may include:

For lasting energy, the experts at Renew Medical Clinic recommend having your hormone levels tested. Imbalances in hormones like thyroid, cortisol, testosterone, or estrogen can sap energy. Their integrative providers offer customized treatment plans involving bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, vitamin injections, and other regenerative therapies to help patients overcome fatigue and regain their zest for life!

In summary, fatigue has complex causes but can often be improved through lifestyle measures, treating related health conditions, and seeking hormone balance. Persistent exhaustion is not normal - discuss your fatigue with a doctor to identify any underlying issues and get back to feeling like yourself again! Let Renew Medical Clinic help you re-energize from the inside out.

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