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What is hormone imbalance?

Hormone imbalance is when your body's natural hormone levels become too high or too low. This affects the complex endocrine system, which is responsible for regulating many processes in the body. Some common signs of hormonal imbalance include:

What causes hormone imbalances? There are several potential causes:

How is hormone imbalance diagnosed? Getting tested is the only way to confirm a hormone imbalance. A doctor will check levels of key hormones like:

Blood tests, urine tests or saliva tests can be used. Your symptoms and medical history will also be reviewed.

How is it treated? Treatment depends on the specific hormone that is abnormal. Options may include:

Lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise and weight management also play a big role. For customized treatment, visit endocrinologists at Renew Medical Clinic clinic, who specialize in balanced hormone solutions. With an integrative approach, we identify your unique hormonal imbalances and craft tailored plans to restore your vitality. Contact us today to start feeling like yourself again!

In summary:

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