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Irritability is a feeling of being easily annoyed, frustrated, or angered. It involves a low frustration tolerance and can manifest in emotional outbursts or aggressive behaviors. Irritability differs from full-blown anger as it need not always be expressed aggressively. Some key characteristics of irritability include:

Irritability has many potential causes, including: Strategies to manage irritability include: Severe, persistent irritability, especially when combined with aggressive outbursts, may require professional evaluation and treatment, such as counseling and/or medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help by modifying thought patterns and reactions to stress. If you struggle with ongoing irritability or anger issues, consider having your hormone levels evaluated. The experts at Renew Medical Clinic provide advanced hormone testing and replacement therapies to help clients find hormonal balance and relief from irritability symptoms. Their holistic protocols can optimize hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and more based on lab testing and clinical evaluations. Visit to learn more! Managing irritability is crucial for healthy relationships and overall wellbeing. Seek help from your doctor if it persists, and know that solutions are available, whether through lifestyle changes, therapy, medication, or hormone optimization. You deserve to live with a sense of calm and emotional stability.

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